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Weekend Filker
  It Must be a Deity
  Odo's Blues
  Oil's Well
  Six Cons of Henry VIII song only
  Six Cons of Henry VIII with commentary
  Spacemans Load
  The Farmer
  Weekend Filker
  Whale Song
Delusions of Adequacy
  Altered State of Mind
  Blame it all on Darrin
  Escape (from Tatooine)
  Garuth's Lament
  Gene's Legacy
  Goin' to Kitomir
  Hotel Tardis
  I am Going to Build Myself a Bimbo
  Louie Wu
  Princess Leah
  Somethin is Beepin'
  Sulu's Lament
  That Tribble Episode
  The Cat
  There's a kind of Slush
  Viva Viagra
  Walked Myself Right Into It
It's Not My Fault
  I Never See the Rain
  Accordion Man
  A Whiter Shade of Pale
  Weekend Filker
  That Tribble Episode
  Only the Red Shirts
  It Must Be a Deity
  The Farmer