Whale Song
Gary Hanak   1998

You feel the heat that rises from the sidewalk
And you can hardly wait till fall has fell
But temperatures are rising all around us—not surprising
And pretty soon you'll feel like you're in hell

A long time were they hunted without mercy or reprieve
They cast themselves upon the shore to die with none to grieve
But now the tides are turning, the water's on the rise
And this time you and I will be the ones to die

The humpback and the narwhal, the orca and the blue
The sperm and all their ilk now have it in for me and you
Alone they lived for ages till we showed up on the scene
And suddenly they face the worst extinction ever seen

You think the melting ice caps stem from CFCs and fumes
Or car exhaust and factories with their spewing fumes
But deep beneath the waters where all patience has run thin
The whales don't let the heat leak out, and the sun keeps shining in

Those storms with rolling thunder, and the driving sheets of rain
Are the tears off countless murdered souls and countless screams of pain
The roaring winds and waves that crash
  Are echoing the flukes that thrashed
    In agony upon the Mother Sea
Oh, people of the land, I fear you've finally raised in wrath
The ire of the long contented people of the sea

You think the heat you feel from the sidewalk
Is just a fluke and soon it will be fall
But temperatures are rising all around this watery globe
And soon there won't be any land at all

A long time were they hunted, and a long time did they die
By thousands and by millions beneath the heartless sky
A long time did they suffer, and unheard were their pleas
But now the water's rising, soon to die are you and me