There's a kind of a Slush
(original music: There's a Kind of Hush)
music: Geoff Stephens, Les Reed   (artist: Herman's Hermits)
lyrics: Gary Hanak  Jan 1999

There's a kind of a slush all over the town tonight
From Snob Hill to slum everyone is quite numb
And it's just Halloween—d'ya know what I mean?
Every roadway is blocked by ice and snowflakes tonight
All over the state everyone's running late
And falling in mush

The Gulf Stream now is getting cool as Greenland's glaciers fill the pool
Which ain't good—London's north of Mt Hood
And Lisbon, Rome, and Monaco are going to be hip deep in snow
Liverpool will be a new kind of cool

There's a big climate change that's coming up fast tonight
Aspen's still froze in June, ads will say "Ski Cancun!"
Someone get me a berth—I think I'll ship out to Perth
Soon Jamaica will be bobsled mentality (like in the movie)
`Frisco looks like Duluth, Lombard Street's like a luge
And it's way passed May first.

But as your toes begin to freeze and numbness creeps up to your knees
Be impressed—it gets worse, I guess
The folks who live in Kokimo are dressed up just like Eskimos
And it's worse (I told you it gets worse)
`Cause there's one more verse

There's a whole lot of ice that's moving down south tonight
Miami's a rink, California will sink
As the glaciers move down from North Pueget Sound
And all of those who refused to slow up the use of fuel
Then moved to Brazil will experience a chill
When Titicaca slides down