That Tribble Episode
(original music: Fields of Gold)
music: Sting
lyrics: Gary Hanak

Sherman's Planet — colonize it, yes, we'll try
And we can use the quadrotriticale
Niels Barris, the jerk, called in a Priority 1 alert
In that Tribble episode

Barris was afraid Klingons would stage a raid
To sabotage the quadrotriticale
And he thought Cyrano Jones far too free did roam
In that Tribble episode

bridge (1)
"I don't want to talk about it"
Said the alien Worf in a firm tone
When the Klingon crew came in for a brew
In that Tribble episode

Klingons did insult the Captain and the crew
While we did guard the quadrotriticale
But Scott the first punch threw when they dissed the Enterprise, too
In that Tribble episode

Tribbles bred and soon of DSK7's room
There was little left for quadrotriticale
Spock and Bones they liked, but Klingons they dispised
In that Tribble episode

bridge (2)
Now I never make promises lightly,
So even though Barris, I did loathe
I was much taken aback by the triticalean snack
Tribbles had in that episode


But those Tribbles were dead that fell on my head
Having eaten the quadrotriticale
Poisoned wheat it was to aid the Klingon's cause
In that Tribble episode

A Tribble caught the spy—Aan Darvin (yeah—Barris' guy)
Did infect the quadrotriticale
On station Jones was stuck.  I said, "Pick every Tribble up"
In that Tribble episode

The Klingons left for home, but did not leave alone
Having missed the boat with the quadrotriticale
Scotty filled their ship with Tribbles to their hips
In that Tribble episode…
In that Tribble episode…
In that Tribble episode…