Altered State of Mind
(original music: New York State of Mind)
music: Billy Joel
lyrics: Gary Hanak   (revised 8/24/06)

Now and then, while I practice Zen
There's a different view of the world I see
Much as if you decorated with
Some extreme Fen Chi…
I don't need any help, though J. Love Hewitt would suit me fine
'Cause I'm in an altered state of mind…

Big electric spark, sitting in the dark,
Getting laid, then shot—none appeal to me
Bruce and Patrick may get there that way
But that just seems extreme
I've got a small collection of some drugs I can combine
Then I'll be in an altered state mind

All these shows that I see now seem a little dumb
This sort of thing I've been doing for years
Don't take seriously Lost, Ghost Whisperer, or Medium
I can talk for true to your Aunt Belue

I don't care if you stop and stare as I phase through all probabilities
I'll just shift through dimensional rifts full of endless possibilities
I don't need no car phone, or America Online
'Cause I'm in an altered state of mind


Coming back to the real world can be quite a fright
I'd rather stay here where I'm lighter than air
And, of course, here I'm only a beam of light
Like that movie star—Billy Lumiere…

Don't despair if I float on air and you're stuck down there like a carpet tack
You can do what I'm doing, too, if you'll just relax
All you need is a vision of another space and time
Then you'll be in an altered state of mind

I don't want your delusions any more than you want mine
'Cause I'm in—I'm in an altered—I'm in an altered state of mind…